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How-To: Dress for a Wedding

Unsure on the rules of wedding wear? This San Francisco style duo is here to help!

Copy: Kelli Ryder, Stylist: Britt + Whit, Photography: Marcie Franich

In honor of Wedding Month here at Rue, we’ve got a very special “How To” in store for you. Overflowing with important advice and sartorial tips, you’ll be able to navigate wedding season in style. That’s right- we’re telling you How To Dress for a Wedding.

Joining Rue today is the stylish duo behind Britt + Whit, one of our favorite fashion blogs! The adorable pair stopped by two iconic wedding destinations (San Francisco’s City Hall & St. Mary’s Cathedral) to showcase four different looks- updating you on the appropriate rules along the way. Take it away, girls:

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Wear Black:
Black can be a chic option for evening weddings. Pair with an embellished necklace and a sleek clutch for an elegant look.

2. Mind the Hemline:
No matter how cute the dress may be, leave the ultra-short hemlines for the bachelorette party!

3. Never Wear All White:
This also applies to ivory, off white, ecru, etc… It’s all about the bride and nothing should distract from her special day. That said, dresses with a white background can be a great option for day or garden weddings as long as the majority of the dress is covered in a print or color. If you are nervous that your dress may have too much white on it, add colorful accessories like a bold shoe or bright pashmina.

4. Play Up the Color:
We love vivid hues and jewel tones for weddings. They easily transition from day to night and are the perfect option to get you through wedding season. 

5. Choose Your Shoes Wisely:
As much as we love our sky-high heels, they can be tricky at outdoor venues or when dancing the night away. Wedges, ballerina flats, or chic bejeweled sandals are great, feet-friendly alternatives for wedding season.

The rules may have evolved over the years, but the foundation is the same. Don’t wear all white, do wear your dancing shoes- and most of all, have fun! If you love any of the looks from today’s feature, you can purchase them under Shop the Story (below).

Britt+Whit is a San Francisco fashion blog run by two best friends. They chronicle their daily style including what they wear to work and out on the weekends. Their blog features chic looks that can just as easily be worn to the office as out for cocktails in the city. While they do work in the corporate world, their blog shows you can still be fashionable and incorporate your own personal style while still remaining work appropriate. They also feature weekend casual looks and fun adventures from around San Francisco and the Bay. To learn more about this stylish duo or get even more fashion inspiration, visit their blog here.  

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