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Dream Home: Royall Avenue Modern Bungalow

This modern home brings a tropical vibe to South Carolina.

Copy: Victoria de la Camara, Photography: Heather Wilson Architects

It’s no secret that at Rue, we are big fans of pinterest; our own art director, Maia McDonald, is a pinterest superstar with close to 2 million followers (you can check out her tips for gaining a following here). If you are like us, every once in a while you come across a photo of a space that is so inspiring, it sets the tone for the rest of the board. That’s what happened to us with this modern bungalow, designed by Heather Wilson Architects and decorated by Jen Langston. The outdoor pool and common spaces alone were enough to set us off on a pinning frenzy.

Nestled in at the top of a hill in the Old Village, Charleston, SC, this home was designed to give the feel of a tropical vacation spot, where the focus is on lofty ceilings, palm trees and outdoor entertaining. We love the modern yet warm aesthetic that this space has been given – the home’s wood paneling and ceiling fans pay tribute to a Caribbean colonial style, while the finishes in the patio, kitchen and living room are clean and modern.

It’s exciting to see a home built from scratch because every design decision is intentional – from the massive wine closet, to the outdoor shower, we can tell that this is a space that is meant to be shared in good company. The kitchen has both an industrial and sophisticated feel. Marble countertops are paired with stainless steel cabinets, a combination that is unexpectedly pleasing. To create the feeling of space and continuity the home’s flooring is uniform throughout, even the outside stone tiles have a similar aesthetic, giving the house a sense of harmony, indoors and out.

What we love most about this modern bungalow are the small yet strong moments that interior designer Jen Langston has given the space. We adore the bold black and white striped hammock chairs that punctuate the pool area, as well as the jolt of green and purple in the living room. With a design so rooted in natural textures and tones, these punchy moments bring personality to the home, showing a bit of risk and perspective. Even then the color choice and graphic motifs reiterate the similar tones that are found in the home’s natural surroundings, connecting that tropical vibe indoors and outdoors.

If this home makes up one of your favorite pins, here’s what to shop for to get the look.

Shop Rue: 1. Dishes // 2. Vases // 3. Lamp // 4. Cheese Knife Set // 5. Table // 6. Chair


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  • Thistle

    Where can I get those canopied beach chairs?

  • Victoria de la Camara

    @Thistle This chair that isn’t canopied but it’s just as stylish. Hope that helps!

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