There are some shops we rely on for basics — for our tees and jeans or a simple black shift dress — and there are other stores that are all about those special pieces. Founded by Rebecca Yanoff, Cove is all about the latter and the recently opened space is a standout too. Impressed by her sister’s recent home renovation, Rebecca hired her interior designer, Elizabeth Mollen, just as Elizabeth was looking to add commercial projects to her portfolio of residential work.

Rebecca, congratulations on opening your first boutique! What sets Cove apart from others in Austin?
Rebecca: The inspiration for Cove came from my travels, particularly throughout Hawaii.  The aloha spirit puts me in an instant state of relaxation and happiness. I wanted to bring this feeling into a high end shopping experience, which can often make customers feel intimidated and self-conscious. My idea was: if Austin were a beach town, what would a modern version of that look like? To achieve this, I wanted the space to be supremely welcoming; you’ll find a center island for lounging and an outdoor patio for champagne sipping. The message being: you are welcome to come and stay at Cove… it’s a shopping destination.

How did that vision for Cove translate into the design of the boutique?
Elizabeth: We wanted to keep the space bright and welcoming.  A lot of the brands sold at the shop are based in California and Australia so we wanted to go for a beach-y, vacation-like feel.  The shop has multiple lounge areas, indoor and out, so customers can have relaxing shopping experience.  My favorite area is the dressing room wall where we designed custom elongated hexagon shaped mirrors, framed in a beautiful walnut, inspired by the store’s logo.

Elizabeth, as well as being an interior designer, you have a line of home products, which is expanding to include wallpaper.
Elizabeth: I love wallpaper, I love using it as a designer, using it in my own home — but I really wanted to create a collection of my own. I partnered with Black Crow Studios in Los Angeles to create my first collection. About a year ago, when I was nine months pregnant with my son, I could not do much so I started painting again — mostly watercolor. The organic patterns took shape and to make it more signature Stone Textile I added the geometric element that we are known for. We used the Gray Fringe Print in the dressing room area and the Gray Rip Print for the restroom.

Love Elizabeth’s designs? Great news- the Stone Textile for Blackcrow Studios collection will be launching online this month!