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Rue Reads: Happy Home

Everyday Magic for a Colorful Life.

The Details: Happy Home: Everyday Magic for a Colorful Life, Written by Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau, Foreword by Holly Becker

What You’ll Find: Fun & inviting spaces, playful decorating ideas with a dose of vibrant colors, and most importantly- easy ways to apply it to your own home!

Why We Love It:  This book was created on the basis that bright, lively color creates a happy home… and we totally agree! On each color-drenched page, Charlotte Hedeman Gueniau shows different ways to bring color, patterns, and varying textures into your home.  What we love most is that all of the ideas are very easily accessible (read: not over the top!), and she guides readers through the steps of achieving it in their own homes. Charlotte addresses each area of the home; offering knowledge, ideas, and a lot of joy in the process. And if you are one who  prefers a neutral environment, don’t fear. There are plenty of ways that you can keep your muted palette while adding just a hint of color here and there. Many design books are beautiful and inspiring to look at, but we really love Happy Home for the guided steps to making your home a happier place.

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  • Amanda Holstein

    Stunning! I’ve always been afraid to use too much color but these looks are gorgeous and they totally work.


    • editor

      It can be intimidating, but there are lots of ways to add in bursts here and there. That’s why we’re equally obsessed with this book!