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Rue Reads: The New-Fashioned Wedding

Dive into the vibrant, innovative concept that is the "new-fashioned" wedding- created and designed by LA's most sought-after event planners.

The Details: The New-Fashioned Wedding by Paige Appel and Kelly Harris. (Rizzoli New York 2013.) 

What You’ll Find: 10 beautiful & unique celebrations: unbelievable venues, exquisite details, picture-perfect couples, and tips to create your own dream day.

Why We Love It: Paige & Kelly (the dynamic duo behind Bash, Please) have an unparalleled talent to create amazing events. Based in LA, they’ve become a worldwide wedding sensation with their personalized approach to planning. Innovative yet elegant; sophisticated yet fun; they truly have refined the concept of “new-fashioned.” Paige & Kelly believe that every detail of a wedding should be reflective of the couple, and we couldn’t agree more. In The New-Fashioned Wedding, Paige & Kelly highlight 10 of their favorite events, not a single one the same. Within the pages, you’ll find everything from rustic to modern and more. Plus, you’ll be walked through the process on recreating it yourself, from the initial color palette to the centerpieces on the tables. Each page is seemingly more beautiful than the last, making this book an absolute favorite at Rue.

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