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Rue Reads: What on Earth Are You Wearing?

An illustrated (and hilarious) encyclopedia of fashion.

The Details: What on Earth Are You Wearing:  An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Fashion by Chloe Quigley & Daniel Pollock, with Illustrations by Kat Macleod.

What You’ll Find: Darling illustrations, quirky definitions of fashion’s famous words, and perhaps most importantly- a snarky dose of style advice.

Why We Love It: When did we start taking fashion so seriously? While we totally appreciate high-fashion, we sort of prefer to laugh. In “What on Earth Are You Wearing,” Quigley takes on the persona of “Michi,” a fashion forward dame with all the answers. She addresses important questions- such as “Lace: With so many holes, shouldn’t it cost less?” and defines iconic styles like “Drawstring Waist: Evidence that you’re eating too much.” She also gives a little reality check, with definitions like “Handbag: A sack generally costing more than its contents.” With this book, your longing for style inspiration will be thoroughly satisfied, and you’ll get a good chuckle along the way.

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