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Beauty Beat: BB Cream vs. CC Cream

In the land of lettered beauty creams, which is best? Rue investigates!

Any beauty fiend has no doubt heard the term “BB cream” at least 800 times over the last year. But do you know why it’s so popular? We’ll admit… even though we had our beauty bag stocked, we still weren’t 100% sure. So, we were more than happy to play detective and get to the bottom of BB! Of course, we had to be a few steps ahead… we went ahead and tackled the topic of CC creams too!

BB (which stands for beauty or blemish balm) cream is disguised as a tinted moisturizer, but contains so much more. Benefits of BB cream are, in a word, amazing. BBs moisturize, prep your skin for makeup (like a primer), reduce shine, cover minor imperfections, and many contain even more benefits. Sunscreen and anti-aging anyone?! If you’re looking to reduce the room in your beauty bag, BB creams may be the answer.

But wait… what about this CC cream on the horizon? CC (color or complexion correcting) creams contain all of the benefits of a traditional BB. However, CC takes it to the next level. CCs often offer much more coverage, so if you need something that will mimic a foundation this is your best bet. Also, they do just what they say: correct your complexion. If you suffer from dark spots, acne, or generally dull skin, a CC cream will help to even out your skin tone and brighten it along the way. A few of these have just popped onto the market, like Juice Beauty’s innovative CC cream which offers 12 (yes, TWELVE!!) benefits in the cream.

The verdict: If you have fairly normal skin, BB cream is for you. If you are looking to correct your complexion and get a little extra coverage, you’ll love CC creams! Shop Rue’s picks here:

1. Bobbi Brown BB Cream // 2. Chanel CC Cream // 3. Juice Beauty CC Cream // 4. Maybelline BB Cream  // 5. Olay CC Cream // 6. Stila BB Cream // 7. L’Oreal BB Cream // 8. Dior BB Cream 

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  • Annie

    I have to say, BB creams that are the real deal can be great, but the drug store BB creams just don’t cut it. In fact, some brands just rebranded their tinted moisturizers as BB creams to take advantage of the trend! Definitely stick to the higher end or Asian lines on this one..

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  • Robin Wagner Manrique

    Juicy beauty’s CC cream is awesome! Saves me skincare/ makeup steps and smells lovely( bergamot) It needs a translucent powder to set it but. I don’t end up greasy as the end of the day despite having oily skin.

  • Lucie Herridge

    I have been trialling the L’Oreal CC Cream in the anti-dullness shade and I think it is amazing!! Its really good medium to light coverage and really does perk your skin up! My review is below if you fancy a read :) x

  • Annabel Jones

    As someone with a really pale complexion, Stila’s BB Cream takes the cake. I’m a convert for life. I’m also a big fan of Sonia Kashuk’s tinted moisturizer.

  • Paula McClelland

    I’ve been using Garnier’s BB cream in medium for a year – I find it perfect for me as i don’t need a lot of coverage. I’m waiting to use the tube up so I can try the Combination/oily version!!

  • Barbara Guerpillon

    RachelK CC cream is missing ! You can find it on

  • Valley Vujic

    Korean Bbs creams are the real deal. You won’t need a CC cream bc they are not tinted moisturizers. Wester brands tend to be though.

    • Nat P

      SO what kind do you use?

      • happygal74

        If you’re into Korean brand, I suggest you buy sample of different brand such as those from Missha, Etude, Faceshop, Skin79, L’egere, etc to find a brand/color that suits your face. Samples are inexpensive and is a great way to find the best brand for your skin

  • Weixuan