When you have a busy schedule and are cursed (or blessed, however you want to see it) by the desire to do it all, you need all the help you can get. That means that when it comes to tabletop you want pieces that can operate in any setting- from enjoying a quiet meal after a long day’s work to setting a dazzling table for intimate dinners with friends. With just a switch of table linens and a flower arrangement, you want your tabletop to look stylish.

This doesn’t mean that we want our daily serveware and cutlery to be over-the-top. At Rue we strive for elegance that is always understated. And what better way to achieve that effortless stylish look than opting for earthy tabletop. We love the metallic flecks in this bottle stopper, or the moody grays in this marbled teacup. Choose earth toned dishware to complement each of these stunning pieces. Hint: some of our favorite options are from Restoration Hardware that we featured a few months ago. With a classic foundation of basic white, beige or gray plates and these six pieces there’s no way you can go wrong, we’ve tested it ourselves!

Shop Rue: 1. Teacup // 2. Carafe // 3. Bottle Stopper // 4. Wooden Bowls // 5. Pitcher // 6. Marble Cheese Server