She’s part of the group of bloggers and editors that make up street style’s most famous faces. She has had numerous collaborations with noteworthy fashion brands- H&M, EK for Marciano, and Hoss. And she even runs her own magazine, Styleby, that features some of our favorite fashion editorials. But what we admire most about Swedish blogger, Elin Kling, isn’t all of her beyond fabulous achievements (and invites to fashion shows!), but her effortless, minimalist style. She makes looking chic in a pair of washed out skinny jeans and an oversized sweater easy. While some of her favorite pieces come from high end fashion houses such as Celine, Isabel Marant, and Alexander Wang, she’s also a big fan of the more affordable clothing stores. She got us hooked on a pair of black ankle strap heels from Mango that can make any outfit look edgy and street style worthy. Let’s just say that her blog, Style by Kling, is one of the first places we go for a fashion fix in the morning.

Elin’s style is simple, relaxed and refined. True to her Scandinavian roots, you’ll rarely find her wearing a lot of pattern or color. In fact, she’s been known to wear top-to-bottom monochromatic outfits such as light cream colored jeans with a cream silk blouse, or a black bustier and skirt. To get her look, always keep the color palette simple, mix textures and volume (a baggy sweater with a tight pair of pants), and look for things with a slight androgynous edge. The key is to maintain a sense of sophistication no matter how casual your look is. The most essential ingredient, however, is a sexy pair of black booties!

Shop Rue: 1. Neon beanie // 2. Denim Shirt // 3. Army Green Scarf // 4. Navy Skirt // 5. Black Tote // 6. Gold Mesh Belt // 7. Studded Boot

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