Jonathan Lo is a jack of many trades. He’s got over a million followers on Pinterest, has been featured on HGTV, and worked as a contributing regional editor on Apartment Therapy. He’s also the brains of J3 Productions, and the design guru behind the blog Happy Mundane.

Most Likely to Photograph:
Vibrant architectural details, paradise a la Southern California, and a daily dose of color in the form of brilliant design.

Why We Love Him:
Each time we see one of @HappyMundane’s colorful Instagrams, we crack a huge smile- and there is no better way to kick off our color month than sharing his gorgeous photos with you. Whether he’s snapping shots of pretty projects, wandering a museum, or simply posting what he sees in his Orange County neighborhood- we always find ourselves feeling inspired. And if the colorfully composed photos haven’t completely sold you, keep in mind the occasional puppy shot shows up too. Be sure to follow @HappyMundane to inject your Instagram feed with a mega-dose of color!