In honor of the Duchess of Cambridge’s soon to be born baby boy or girl, we’ve decided to give you a taste of her impeccable style. It seemed like just yesterday that we were avidly watching the royal wedding! Since that moment, it has been hard not to admire the ease and confidence with which Kate has developed her look- she has a unique way of pairing the soft and feminine with current trends, and always looks appropriate. From the ethereal Jenny Packham gowns to Topshop sundresses, Kate always gets it right without looking like she made too much of a fuss. We suppose that there is probably a lot of calculation behind each outfit, but the important thing is that Kate always looks comfortable and herself in whatever she wears.

We’ve seen her turn traditional hunting garb into something inspirational and wearable, and we’ve also seen her walk around the West End of London in simple jeans and a flowy top. But what Kate is most known for is her soft pastels. Whether it’s a lip gloss, patent pumps, or a pencil dress, Kate loves soft tones. The key to capture her style is to keep the jewelry and accessories simple, make sure your dress fits perfectly (even if you got it at Zara!) and let your healthy blown out hair and bright white smile do the rest. We think that shimmer brick from Bobbi Brown is a must have to get that unique glow of hers. And we did some imagining to discern that Kate’s signature scent would be true to her English heritage- Earl Grey & Cucumber by Jo Malone.

Here are a few more pieces to get her modern classic look!

Shop Rue: 1. Teardrop Earrings // 2. Snakeskin Box Clutch // 3. Soft Pink Pencil Dress // 4. Travel Cologne // 5. Iridescent Highlighter // 6. Nude Pumps