At Rue, we believe that design should follow certain principals but we also like to see those principals challenged in the name of beauty. And that means that even our flower arrangements aren’t always typical. Modern botanicals are bold, they push boundaries. They are natural sculptures for your table and home that create a hint of mystery by their use of new materials and techniques. Orange moss, cacti and flowers set in glass are the new peonies and roses of these types of botanical arrangements. The best part is is that these pieces require little to no maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the unusual shapes, patterns and textures they add to your space.

Just to give you a better idea of the interesting options out there, we’ve selected a few of our favorite modern botanicals. We believe that this is the next new trend in home decor.

Shop Rue: 1. Green Phalaenopsis in a Tube // 2. Hanging Terrarium // 3. Green Phalaenopsis in Bud Vase // 4. Geometric Terrarium // 5. Succulents in Aluminum Vase // 6. Flower Set in Glass Bowl // 7. Orange Moss and Driftwood Sculpture