It’s true, as of July 1- Google Reader will be no more. Needless to say, the editors at Rue are slightly devastated. Our RSS feeds have been pretty reliant on Google Reader for years. (For those who don’t know- Google Reader was a free service that pulled new posts, or “RSS feeds”, from blogs & websites, pooling all of the content onto one easy to read page. It was an incredibly convenient way to keep up with all of your favorite blogs.) Instead of fearing where our beloved blogs will go, we’ve decided to be proactive and share our favorite alternatives. Truth be told, some of these options will have you asking “Google Reader WHO?” in a matter of days.

Pulse was one of our top choices, as it’s the most customizable and allows you to create your ideal reading experience. It has a great search tool, and also allows you to sort feeds into categories. Once you import your old feed from Reader, separate the White House from Weekly Wardrobes and you’ll be able to find what you’re interested in with just a click!
(For more info on Pulse, click here. Free for iOS, Android, & Web)

Full disclosure- Flipboard is this editor’s personal favorite. It isn’t available for web (yet), but organizes all of your content into a magazine format. If you have iOS or Android, you can easily transfer your RSS feed over before the 1st, and it’s a great way to quickly “flip” through content. If the blogs you follow are photo-heavy, this is a great solution for you!
(For more info on Flipboard, click here. Free for iOS & Android.)

Feedly has become one of the more popular choices, as it very closely resembles the same features as Google Reader. The import process is a breeze, so you won’t lose any content. You can subscribe to specific URLs or topics, and you can also save articles to read later. While this app isn’t focused on design as Flipboard or Pulse are, it gets you the content you want quickly.
(For more info on Feedly, click here. Free for iOS, Android, & Web)

Taptu is probably the best designed of the apps- creating a beautiful experience through and through. It’s very visual, and allows you to bring a social element in- adding your Facebook and Twitter feeds as well. Another great choice for photo-heavy content!!
(For more info on Taptu, click here. Free for iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nook, & Web)

Our final alternative is the most technical of the bunch. Netvibes gives you a dashboard for what seems like everything you need- RSS feed, social media, data, and more. It allows you to switch back and forth between content and dashboards, and has a great design. If you’re not too tech-savvy, this may not be your best choice… but if you are, we know you’ll adore it.
(For more info on Netvibes, click here. Free for iOS, Android, & Web)

No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured that your RSS feeds will be safe and sound and you won’t miss a single post. Are you sad about Google Reader? Do you already use an alternative? Did we leave one out?? We would love to discuss in the comments below!!