One the most fascinating things about cities is that the life of a building can have many different phases. It can be built in an entirely different era and over the years serve multiple purposes, transforming along with the inhabitants of that neighborhood. We fell in love with this restaurant located in Cronulla, a suburb outside of Sydney known to be a great surfing destination. The Old Library was built in 1908 as a church, and was then transformed into a library in the 1970s. With the help of interior designer Hecker Guthrie, it’s now an elegant and modern space, for locals to enjoy a high end culinary experience.

The life of the Old Library can be seen in the restaurant’s decor: wallpaper imitating bookcases and an actual lounge/reading area pay tribute to its library days, while the cathedral ceilings and skylight windows are traces of the original structure’s purpose. Mostly we love the truly Australian vibe that this restaurant has with its mostly white foundation, with hints of beachy materials such as sun bleached wood and jute rugs. One thing that this space has that we see as a growing trend are the black framed glass dividers that separate different areas in the restaurant as well as create a graphic focal point. The Old Library definitely embodies Australian design by being inviting, elegant, modern and relaxed all the same time. It seems like the perfect place to grab a drink and enjoy a beautiful plate of pasta with friends after a long day at the beach catching waves and sun-bathing (can you tell that we miss summer?).

If you love the Old Library‘s look as much as we do, here are few items that will definitely give you a similar vibe:

Shop Rue: 1. Silverware // 2. Fern // 3. Industrial Sconce // 4. Bowl // 5. Rug // 6. Bench