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First Look: Creating the Cuyana Weekender (Plus a Giveaway!)

See how Cuyana's gorgeous weekender is made... and enter to win one of your own!!

Copy: Kelli Ryder, Videography: Cuyana

Do you love every item in your closet? We mean really, REALLY love? So often, our wardrobes fill up with fast-fashion and trends; items that don’t last and are left to take up precious space in our already jam-packed closets. Finally, a company has set out to change that for good. Cuyana (which means “to love” in Quechua, the traditional Andean language) was founded on the premise of inspiring and enabling simple elegance with fewer, better things.

Each season, the Cuyana team embarks on a journey to a different corner of the world. They return with a globally-inspired collection in hand; classic, beautiful pieces unlike anything else available. Whether it be Peruvian alpaca or Argentine leather, their products are created with only the highest quality materials and will last you a lifetime. When you incorporate Cuyana into your closet, your style is streamlined and full of essentials. This summer, Cuyana headed to Turkey- bringing back the finest cotton and silk… and one totally amazing getaway bag.

As you can see in the behind-the-scenes video, each Cuyana Weekender bag is crafted from premium Turkish cotton canvas, reinforced with leather and master craftsmanship, and finished with elegant yet functional gold details. The Cuyana Weekender is timeless yet modern, and ignites wanderlust with just one glance. The best part about this bag?? Cuyana is giving one lucky reader a bag of their own!! To enter, click here. Cuyana will pick the winner on July 15!!

So tell us… where will you be going with your Cuyana Weekender?

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  • Simone Anne

    Well that is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Valerie Chen

    Hopefully Costa Rica next year! Time to start saving now… That is a beautiful bag!

  • Melissa Mercille

    I’m going to Paris with my husband next spring, so this beauty would definitely be coming with us! So gorgeous!

  • Alison

    I would have loved this on my recent trip to Turkey… but I’d love to take this to Guatemala with me in December! Perfect for the type of trip I love to take: combinations of city cultural explorations, outdoors activities, and relaxing time by the water.

  • nicolebodd

    I would love to go anywhere with this beautiful bag! Thanks for the chance to win! xo.

  • Project Soiree

    I would love to take this bag on a vacation to Paris!

  • Tina Francis/ @teenbug

    I’m a wedding photographer who has her first couple of destination weddings this year. I’d love to take the Weekender with me. It’s the PERFECT size!

  • Christina Derbyshire

    I will be heading to my dear friend, Julie’s, beach house at Point Lonsdale where I go to recharge my often-depleted batteries. The bag will enable me to take just the one beautiful bag instead of an armful of smaller, more awkward bags. And as I am on crutches at the moment with a broken ankle (sadly not a skiing accident, just a stair slip) one beautiful bag makes life easier and happier.

  • Anne Elizabeth Barbe

    Everywhere! I love this bag!

  • Kim N.

    Anywhere and everywhere!

  • Jenny R. Smith

    Istambul, of course!
    (And Everywhere else! I’m a big fan of BIG bags, since my job requires a LOT of stuff–cameras, ipad, ipad mini, iphone 5, HDV cables, pens & moleskins. I can’t imagine a better buddy to have by my side.)

  • Minoo

    Hopefully to Spain next summer! Love the bag!

  • sweet & spark

    I’ll be going sparkhuntin’ across the USA with my Cuyana Weekender!

  • Kim

    I’ll be traveling to sunny Santa Barbara, which would be a perfect fit for my Cuyana Weekender!

  • Amanda

    The link is not working to enter! =/

  • Rose Shattuck

    to Hawaii! This bright yellow will be perfect for a tropical vacation :)

  • Shivs

    This gorgeous bag would be a gift to my Mum for her first trip to visit me in London! Thanks for the chance!! xx

  • Franki

    Luv the brown bag…mine would be a “working bag” as we travel every week (with this bag it would be “in Style!!” franki

  • Elizabeth

    Visiting my family in Ohio and visiting my friends in Austin. And who knows? All along the Pacific coast too…beautiful bag.

  • Bernice Benabe

    Perfect for visiting my daughters homes for the weekend! Always looking for the perfect bag!

  • bosrican

    Going to Guatemala and Cape Cod. Not necessarily in that order! Beautiful bag!

  • Nadia K. Robichaud

    Up north to Canada, then off to the mountains of Virginia for a youth group mission trip…not very glam, but so much fun!

  • Darlene Dunlap

    love this bag! It’s stylish and looks extremely durable. It makes me want to go to exotic places even more than I do now!

  • Robin Morrison

    I’m heading to beautiful New Hampshire and the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee as we have done every summer for the last 10 years! some might say boring…we say “why mess with a good thing??”

  • Bradoran

    Crisp Fall New England day, Cuyana packed in the way back and Jeep gassed up for an outdoor adventure driving up Rt 1 along the east coast to a B&B in Maine!

  • Christine Cuu

    I’d take this on my trip with me to Paris in the fall!

  • pennie teal

    This bag is so……! I can pack it for my Charleston trip; celebrating 43 years of love with

    my man!

  • Vickie

    I need a heavy duty bag to
    take for our week-end travels!

  • mamavalveeta03

    I would take this baby and head out to Chicago to go see my new granddaughter!

  • Laure

    Hello there!

    I organize with my mom, the trip of a lifetime, in Birmania. I would fill this baby with school supplies for the kids we are going to meet.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  • Sarah Bradley

    My husband is a pilot so we’re constantly off for long weekends. This would work perfectly for those trips!

  • Sarah C

    Easy! I am spending a weekend in beautiful Byron Bay (Australia) to celebrate my 40th birthday. Without the children! Yippee.

  • Fiona Koh

    This bag would be my ideal companion, besides my husband, to hit the beaches of Bali. Sun, sand, sea, lovely company + gorgeous bag!

  • Mia

    This bag is SO adorable! I love the color and what a cool name! to love! well if i won this bag it would be going with me to the most magical place on earth aka Disney World!! oh the adventures we would have together! :)

  • Sally Vangeison

    This bag is perfect for everything……. girl’s get away, lite travel bag, going to visit my daughters at their respected colleges and of course romantic weekends with my dear husband of 25 years as we begin the new freedom of being empty nesters

  • Megan Gibson

    If I won, I would take mine on my honeymoon!

  • Vanisha’s Life in…Australia

    I’ve always been a fan of larger bags, and this one is gorgeous! If I won, this bag would be on a plane to the Fiji Islands with me – in a few weeks I’m off to various islands in Fiji and then to Melbourne, Australia for some fun in the city. When my Cuyana isn’t on holiday with me, it’ll be my go-to in my current cities of residences – Canberra, Australia and Dunedin, New Zealand!

  • Leslie Morris

    This gorgeous bag wouldn’t have to be hidden in my closet at Tahoe once I unpack!

  • meligrosa

    Awesome i’ll be taking this baby up to my next trip this summer, a wedding in portland! xxomeli